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Tubes Strategic Business Unit (SBU) manufactures Structural Tubes under the brand name ‘Tata Structura’. Tata Structura Steel Hollow sections are superior in quality and manufactured using raw materials from Tata Steel’s world-class Hot Strip Mill. 

Besides bearing the trust and value of the Tata Steel brand name, Tata Structura Steel Hollow sections are advantageous from a techno-economic perspective. Structures made of Tata Structura Hollow Sections are lightweight and therefore more resistant to seismic forces. These ensure high structural durability and are preferred by architects and structural engineers for Airports, Metro & Railway stations, Malls, IT & Industrial complexes, Conveyor galleries, Solar support structures etc.

Reasons To Buy Tata Structura:

  1. Uniform material strength – All our products come with a test certificate and the material strength is specifically mentioned.
  2. Uniform thickness, dimensions, and length as per Indian specifications.
  3. 100% of the material is tested for any defects along the weld line by a non-destructive testing method.
  4. Easy to weld, bend and fabricate because of high ductile steel.
  5. Long-lasting and better resistance to corrosion because of high-quality steel. 
  6. Enhance the aesthetic quotient of a structure.
  7. Cost Efficiency: Up to 30% reduction in steel consumption as compared to conventional sections.
  8. Lower handling cost, transportation cost, overall fabrication, and erection cost Lower cutting cost because of less cross-sectional area
  9. Lower welding cost due to direct connection without an additional gusset plate.
  10. A smooth profile and less exposed surface act as a formidable barrier to rust.
  11. Lesser painting and maintenance costs compared to traditional sections.
  12. The lower dead weight of Tata Structura helps in reducing the design load, thereby reducing the material cost of the foundation.

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