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Tata Kosh is a brand of galvanised plain steel from Tata Steel. It is used by fabricators to make storage & utility equipment like trunks, grain silos, tasla & buckets. It addresses the retail applications of GP sheets with spangles, for rural and urban Tier - 3 households.

7 Reasons To Buy Tata Kosh:

  1. Optimum strength: Easy to bend at a right angle.
  2. No spring back. No drumming effect.
  3. Tension Levelled: Bucket/grain silo with a smooth surface.
  4. Optimum hardness: Does not crack on bending.
  5. Adequate chromate passivation: Protects from white rust.
  6. No lead in zinc coating: Not hazardous to health.
  7. Accurate dimensions: Value for money.
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